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As authorised industrial distributor for KNP/Ameron, USA we not only have access to the latest products, but also are guided time to time by KNP/Ameron, USA with respect to the application and problem solving. All back to back OEM guarantees are applicable with respect to the product quality, durability and performance from KNP/Ameron, USA. Customer satisfaction has been our winning point.

our service:-

Our services include:

        Onsite examination to evaluate the floor condition
        Cost effective solutions to deal with oil soaked areas
        Technical consultancy for the right coating solutions
        Coating Application

the association

Epoxy floor coatings from Ameron, USA
      A world class product from the leader.
KNP / Ameron, USA is a licensee and makes the primary ingredient at their
       Assured ingredient quality made in a highly automated plant.
       Cost advantage since products made in India.
       Products packed & sealed in exact proportions.
Concept Pneumatic is an authorized distributor of KNP
         Applicator team is experienced & approved by KNP.
         Your floors will project a world class image.
         Proven durability of floor for 5 to 8 years.
         The product has covered vast area in the past 8 years.
         No short cuts - exceptional care is taken for prior surface preparation,
           which is key for floor durability and our success
         Any of our damaged flooring will be replaced / repaired for a period
           up to 3years, subject to do’s & don’ts
         MSDS sheets available for all Ameron products.
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