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KNP/Amaron epoxy : it’s a coating and NOT paint!!

The KNP/Amaron composite consists of Multi Layers.
Each layer comprising of a Multi Component system.
Each layer has a specific function, to make a world class product.

environment policy:-

KNP/Amaron High Performanc EFC products are intrinsically safe wih respects to hazard to environment and to the general conditions to its applicators and users. The products are offered after stringent regulations with respect to their effect to safegurading the users health and to the general environment as a whole.

epoxy flooring
epoxy flooring

advantages of KNP/Amaron epoxy coatings:-

Resistant to oil and water.
Resistant to broad range of corrosive atmosphere.
Excellent Adhesion to concrete.
Long lasting life.
Resists Soil Pickup.
Easily cleanable.
Hard, tough, flexible and abrasion resistant.
Outstanding weather and humidity resistant.
Excellent Color retention.
Can be used indoor or outdoors.
Total solution to a clean, anti-skid, corrosion- resistant floor.
Helps generating excellent working environment.

our EFC product range :-

Amercoat* 450 GL
Marking Gangways & Machine Areas
Amercoat* 450 GL
Mirror Finish Display
Nuklad - 120
Pre-mixed pigment; Top coat; Oil,
water resistant.
Sealer coat
Fills pin holes, self -Leveling
Dent-filling mortar
Fills dents & crevices
Amerlock 400
Bonds well to all substrates,
seals pores

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