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Oil Grabber® Model MB


arrow High temperature capability
arrow Chip resistant powder finish
arrow Hazardous duty and food grade options
arrow Custom designs and turnkey systems available
arrow Can be used in depths as shallow as one foot, or as deep as 100 feet
arrow Requires no tank modifications in most applications
arrow Operates in turbulent liquid using optional tail pulley cage and tether assembly
arrow Easy mounting and fast cleaning, with minimal maintenance

 • Wastewater sumps
 • Parts washers
 • Coolant systems
 • Heat treating fluids
 • Food processing plants
 • Parking lots, garages, and service facilities
 • Outdoor ponds, lakes, and basins
 • Underground tanks
 • Ships' bilges
 • Aircraft service areas andtarmac runoff
 • Truck, locomotive, and other mobile equipment washing facilities


Oil Removal Rate:
303 lph with 2 belts
454 lph with 3 belts
757 lph with 5 belts
(Removal rate is based on SAE 30 weight oil in water.)

Belt Width:
Combination of 8 in
Belt Length:
User specified (up to 100')
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