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steps for application :

We at CONCEPT ensure the coating system is designed to provide aesthetic enhancement and protection to a surface. The best situation in which to specify a coating is where the concrete substrate is in good condition with minimal spalling or cracking.

epoxy floor coating system :-

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  Removing Previous Epoxy/Synthetic Paint (if applicable).
arrow icon  Surface Preparation.
arrow icon  Application of Amerlock Epoxy Primer.
arrow icon  Surface Leveling by Dent Filling Mortar.
arrow icon  Surface Smoothening.
arrow icon  Surface Cleaning.
arrow icon  Surface Leveling by Sealer Coat Mortar.
arrow icon  Top Coat Application of Nuklad 120(I) Self Leveling Epoxy.
arrow icon  Gangway Marking Application by Amerlock 450 GL PU.
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