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We at Concept have a very diversified product range, which include these:

KNP/Ameron epoxy coatings

The KNP/Ameron composite consists of Multi Layers, each layer comprising of a Multi Component system and has a specific function, to make a world class product.

Oil Skimmers

Abanaki oil skimming solutions, serving industries as diverse as iron and steel, wastewater, paper, food processing, automotive, environmental remediation and recycling.

Onduline roofing

Onduline is the world’s  largest manufacturer of bituminous sheets since last 50 years. It provides outstanding weathering performance. It is manufactured from a Mono- Layer of organic fibres impregnated with bitumen under intense pressure and heat. It has UV resistant resin there by it does not fade over a period.

CONCERNING FIRE RESISTANCE, LIKE ALL BITUMEN PRODUCTS, ONDULINE SHEETS ARE FLAMMABLE. In European standard, Onduline classification is E, which is “normal to ignite” ( it doesn’t actively participate to fire spreading ). It is allowed for use on different types of buildings
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