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Roofing made easy

The most flexible, reliable, versatile and cost effective roofing material:
Onduline roofing made easy.

Exclusive advantages for your roof !!

Easy to transport and to install: Thanks to Onduline particular light and resistant structure, it is possible to minimize installation and transport costs making the whole roofing process more efficient. Once installed, in accordance with our fixing instructions, Onduline needs very little maintenance.

Easy to cut, shape and fix: Onduline versatility allows easy cutting and shaping when it comes to eaves, ridges or roof ventilators. All you need is a saw, a hammer and our recommended nails to fix the product on most types of roofs.

High insulation and sound absorbency values: Thanks to its fibrous composition, Onduline has one of the best thermal coefficients for products of similar thickness as well as extremely high sound absorption values. Onduline is extremely effective
against rainfall noises thus creating a unique living and working comfort in residential and commercial constructions and improving productivity factors in farm buildings.

Corrosion lifetime warranty:Most roofing products are vulnerable to the action of atmospheric agents. In most cases the results are rust, corrosion, and increased brittleness. Onduline, because of its original components and its unique production process, is not subject to these phenomena. That is why we give a lifetime warranty against corrosion.


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